A Set of Three

I have a set of 3 elements, as shown here. This set of 3 occurs in a few ways here, and at least a dozen more not being depicted. This is really a 3 element "schema", which occurs in a variety of contexts. For example, of the contexts not shown below, there is also 'legislative, executive, judicial' set, corresponding to the E, I, A shown, respectively.

The Brain Set is in green. In it, there is the right brain under E, the left brain under I, and these are like a pair of their own. Above this pair, there is consciousness and higher judgment and evaluation functions. When being performed, these functions are known to lock the two sides beneath in concert. I also call this the Intelligence Set, to propose this as the three main systems of our intelligence. In psychology today, there is a Happiness Set that I think corresponds to this schema, containing "the pleasant life (E), the good life (I), and the meaningful life (A)". Also, there is a fellow named Jonathan Haidt, who appears to have discovered this schema, when he studied the moral psychology of liberals and conservatives the world over. When he went East, he found the third group: the influence of dharma schools in politics, where one would like to "impartially seek the truth".

There is another political context for this schema: "creativity, order, and integrity" as a set. The political left corresponds to creativity. The right to order. The 3rd department, here, under A, is nonpartisan. I think people can miss this one when they get too excited about the other two. There is no partisan positioning on universal things, and these are the kinds of things that happen at A, which is to seek integrity when overseeing the other two. This is also a moral concern, and in the context of criminal law, we can see the alignment with "judicial". "Rape, rob, maim, and kill" are universal, nonpartisan concerns, and when we break our laws or act in a morally unjust fashion, it is in this department we express concern. The buck stops here, at the ultimate consumer - the soul, at A, corresponding to meaning.

When faced with a system like this, for myself, I think that wanting to be successful means wanting to be what has been called "whole brained"; I want use for and open access to all three.

To start with, I really enjoy a two-step process of 1) being creative, and then 2) trying to put it in order. This is for nonfiction-type creativity, like when putting together this collection of sets. I think each of this pair of things has good merit. And maybe a thinker could play a musical instrument, or write a poem, to make sure to experience each of the two. Or maybe a wildly creative person could be well-complimented by a little bit of self-control.

A third step could be added, where one applies conscience and vies for integrity, which I think will help to draw upon all three at once. Consciousness is a place where the stuff of awareness, thoughts, and feelings come together.  This includes access to all three, which I think has to help, since I, or mind, for example, can be detached, in its own, discrete world, and can get out of contact with the real, at the other two. Or, perhaps a person can be all feeling and impulse, and maybe a little bit of thinking would be most complimentary at a given time.

I think that we should have and use all three, and I think we gain greater intelligence when each of our 3 systems reflect off of the systems of each other, as social creatures. My I bounces off of your E, and so forth, helping us achieve greater collective intelligence.

I think what happens in civilization is that we become partial, due to there being only the extent to which we see, in a complex world. I think that if our souls sit on top of comprehensive understanding, then we lose being members of fragmented elements of society, like the parties, or like any other factions.  One person in civilization does not participate in all of its parts. 

Consider this. If I know what 2/3 of the people want, then I think I will have lost my partiality. If I do not know that, then perhaps I could have my partiality, by not achieving sufficient understanding.

I hope that people consider these three systems in their own experience. I try to ask myself to do the same thing. I think it can be useful, and helpful, to want these things, and to recognize how this set of things is a depiction of each and every one of us.

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